Zooloretto: Skunk

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Contained in Brettspiel Adventskalender 2015 for Day 9. Also a promo for Spiel 2016.

The first player who fills his 6-space Enclosure takes the enclosure with the Skunk as a bonus.

Once per game, If it is the owners turn he can pay 2 coins to discard all tiles of one animal type from his barn as an additional action before or after his usual action. The player puts the coins on the Skunk enclosure and they remain there until the end of the game. In turn order, all other players may then pay 1 coin to the bank to purchase 1 of the discarded tiles and add it to their zoo. The tiles that were not purchased are removed from the game.

Scoring: The coins on the Skunk enclosure are not considered during scoring

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