Zooloretto: Chameleon

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Zooloretto: The Chameleon – first released as part of Zooloretto News No. 3 in 2010, then later available as a promotional item at Spiel 2012 – is a mini-expansion for Zooloretto Exotic, which is itself an expansion for Zooloretto.

Zooloretto: The Chameleon consists of two chameleon tiles, which are mixed into the stack of animal tiles. The chameleons are jungle animals, and when taken on a trolley back to a player's zoo must be placed on an empty space in the jungle board – adhering to the individual limit of having no more than three types of jungle animals on the jungle board – or placed in that player's barn. When a player adds the chameleon to his zoo, not only does he advance a visitor of the color of his choice, but he can also swap a visitor to his zoo with a visitor from the stock of any other color.

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