Zombie Crisis

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Zombie Crisis (ゾンビクライシス) is a two-player asymmetrical cooperative card game in which one player takes the role of scout and the other the role of fighter. The goal of the game is to complete the story, all the while surviving the zombie horde.

Each turn, three cards that may be zombies or humans are drawn and lined up face down against the barricades. The scout then looks at 1–3 of these cards, telling the fighter a limited amount of information. The fighter then decides to either attack the current horde by placing weapon cards on the different columns of enemies, or to defend, strengthening the barricades and pilfering for more weapons.

The scout's cards on hand are various scenarios, with fulfillment conditions. Whenever these are fulfilled, they are played, and the scout draws a new card to hand. The scenario cards get harder and harder to fulfill, and when the team has fulfilled six of these, the game ends in victory.

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