Tudor: Bonus Cards

Tudor: Bonus Cards for use with the board game Spring Sale, T, Tudor, sold at the BoardGameGeek Store

Tudor: Bonus Cards

3 bonus cards that were packaged separately from the base game.

P1 - Scenario Card
SCENARIO CARD: Secret Diplomacy

  • During Phase 1 - Chamber Assignment, place N0 Courtiers in the first Round and 2 every Round thereafter.
  • Game length for 2/3/4 players is 5/4/4 Rounds.
  • LEFT ACTION - Immediate Action when receiving an Influence Token. Discard the Token to exchange up to 2 Faction Tokens (that do not have a negative Prestige value) for equally colored Faction Cards from the Supply.
  • RIGHT ACTION - At any time during your Turn, discard 1 Intrigue Token to take a Faction Token of your choice that is adjacent to one of your Courtiers. Re-stock this space.


P2 - Red Scoring Card
SCORING CARD: Court Attrition
At the end of every Round, players receive Prestige for each of their remaining Faction Tokens: 

  • Each pair of blue and green tokens are discarded from the game.
  • Each pair of red and yellow tokens are discarded from the game.
  • Each pair of brown and gray tokens are discarded from the game.


Each remaining Faction Token, except for purple tokens, scores 3 Prestige.

Each purple token scores -2 Prestige. The purple token may never be discarded for other Actions.

P3 - Green Scoring Card
SCORING CARD: Disappearing Courtiers
At the end of every Round, players score 7 Prestige for each of their Courtiers on this card. 

  • At any time during a player‘s Turn, they may discard 1 Influence Token to place a Courtier from their supply onto this Scoring Card.
  • Whenever a player acquires an Intrigue Token, they may choose to immediately discard it to remove another player‘s Courtier from this card.

For more information, please refer to the BGG listing.

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