Grand Trunk Journey, The

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In The Grand Trunk Journey, players represent managers of various railway companies, delivering goods to four ports and twelve cities in Eastern Canada and the U.S.

To do this, they use cards that consist of rail equipment and locations to move their train between those locations to pick up and deliver the goods in supply and demand. This movement of their trains is recorded on the "time track", which indicates how many day players are spending for actions. Efficiency is important, as is the ability to deliver specific goods just in time to certain destinations.

Who will manage their railway most successfully?

The Grand Trunk Journey bears the label "The Griffintown: Series #1".

Components: 1 game board, 80 Player cards, 4 Train markers, 12 Track markers , 4 Fast Locomotive tokens, 16 Improvement cards, 10 Objective cards, 12 Terminal tokens, 8 First Delivery tokens, 12 City Goods tokens, 3 Port Goods tokens, 125 Goods cubes, 22 Special Delivery Contract tokens, 8 Overview sheets (4 each in English and German), 2 Rules booklets (in English and German).

This is a limited English-German edition; only 1,000 copies will be made worldwide.

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