The Deck of Many Games: A Game Design Tool

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The Deck of Many Games consists of 110 tarot-sized cards, using a thick 310gsm ivorycore card stock for durability and linen finished for good handling. They feature a variety of markings such that you can use subsets of the deck for your particular design.

Each card features:
  • #1 - Roles. Role definitions suitable for social deduction games in the vein of Werewolf, Coup, or The Resistance
  •  #2 - Suits/Ranks. Standard "French Deck" card markings from Ace to King of the four standard suits. Since we have more than 52 cards in the Deck of Many Games, we went a little overboard and added a fifth suit and plenty of jokers. 
  • #3 - Resources. Over twenty types of resource for either tracking or random generation purposes. Resources were chosen by their prevalence in board games, so expect wood, animals, energy, and some stranger symbols like bombs and brains. 
  •  #4 - Numbers. Each card has a unique number in the center. The deck goes from #0-#109 allowing you to prototype games in the vein of No Thanks!, The Game, or 6 nimmt! 
  • #5 - Letters. Each of the cards also features a letter under the large number. These letters appear with the frequency that they occur in the English language, so there are a bunch of "E" cards, but very few "K" cards. Some wilds are included here as well. 
  • #6 - Currency. Each card has a coin with a value so you can use cards as victory point or money tracking. 
  • #7 - Dice. Play dice games or dominoes using the Deck. 0 to 6 on two die faces each are included. Additional cards show a single die and another suit for games that require many copies of a few ranks/suits such as Hanabi
  •  #8 - Mechanics. Finally, each card has a game mechanic or genre listed so that the Deck can be used as a brainstorming tool. Other fun bits. I've included the Major Tarot Arcana in the suits, ranks, and roles and have other fun bits distributed throughout. The back of each card features a score tracker that will allow you to track many values over multiple cards.