The Curious Elevator of Mr. Hincks

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An adventure awaits those who are up to the challenge. The renowned — and somewhat eccentric — puzzle-maker Stephen P. Hincks has finally opened the doors to an invention he calls "The Curious Elevator." Like an ordinary elevator, this one travels up and down; however, Mr. Hincks couldn't resist including a bit of mischief in his contraption. The Curious Elevator will take you to whichever floor it deems appropriate, and there you will remain until you solve its puzzle. Fortunately, Mr. Hincks is a sporting fellow, and he's left a series of clues behind that will help you on your journey.

Players begin the adventure of The Curious Elevator of Mr. Hincks with a package of physical materials engineered by Hincks. At each floor, the players utilize their "cryptic parcel" to discover the secrets of that floor. Mr. Hincks has also left a gift on each floor that will be the key to unlocking the puzzle. Players use a simple online interface to view each gift and then to input their answer. A correct answer will take the players to another floor, while an incorrect answer won't budge the elevator.

Mr. Hincks is waiting on the top floor, ready to inscribe your name on his leaderboard. Will you be able to steer the Curious Elevator through enigmas, puzzles, and conundrums to claim your rightful title of Master Puzzler?