Sushi Go!: Soy Sauce Promo

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A mini expansion for Sushi Go! includes four copies of a new "Soy Sauce" card that will score four points to the player who collects the most variety of colors in a round.

Compatible with the Gamewright version of the game. These cards are already included with Sushi Go Party!

Super important note before ordering!!! Please check the back of your Sushi Go tin for the number above the bar code.  If the number ends in "-V", we no longer carry the Soy Sauce cards for this older version, as they are no longer bring produced.  If the number ends in "-M", order the -M version.

Note there may still be slight color variations depending on the print run, but the cards will be the correct size.

If you don't first check for this, you may be very unhappy to receive a set of cards that don't match the print run of the game you have, and we won't be responsible for returns/refunds since we've made this clear.

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