Speculation: 7th and 8th Players

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Speculation Mini Expansion 2: 7th and 8th Players, a mini-expansion for Speculation, can be used individually or in combination with any other expansions for the game. This expansion includes components to allow for up to eight players in the game, namely additional shares, money, and company cards.

In addition, each player now has a minus card in hand along with the company cards. Instead of laying down a company card at the start of the turn, a player can lay down a minus card. Before revealing which companies move during the turn, everyone who played a minus card reveals it, then secretly plays a company card or "Bank Holiday" card; this company moves backward on the movement track instead of forward, or one "Bank Holiday" card played by someone else is ignored.

For more information: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/149494/speculation-queenie-2-7th-and-8th-players