Schrödinger Hero

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シュレディンガー勇者 (Schrödinger Hero) is a partnership game from Japan published in Japanese with English rules.

Players belong to either the Hero's side or Satan's side, and their objective is to defeat the leader of the opposite side. However, no player knows any player's identity, including themselves, and their identities often change.

Each player is dealt one identity card: Hero, Satan, Hero's friend, or Satan's servant. During your turn, you can gain a clue by looking at another player's card or by exchanging your card with other player's. When a player looks at another player's card, that player's comment or expression can also be a clue.

Only the Hero can defeat Satan, so even if you know who Satan is, you cannot defeat Satan until you have the Hero card, and vice versa. Unlike Werewolf, this game doesn't require a moderator, and players aren't eliminated during the game.

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