Roll for It Express: Game Boy Geek Version of the Solitaire Microgame

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All the fun of Roll For It! in a single card! This special version was produced exclusively for Game Boy Geek and was part of their Season 10 Kickstarter rewards.

In this solitaire microgame, you get three rolls to score as close to 30 points as possible! Roll the dice and then place them into the quadrants so that they add up to the target number. Use the minimum number of dice in each quadrant, or you lose points! Compare your score to your friends and then start again!

The score card has 4 scoring sections with a value of 4, 6, 8 and 12 points. Players may use multiple rolls to complete any quadrant(s). However, once a die is placed it cannot be moved or re-rolled.

If a player successfully utilizes all 6 dice on the gold Calliope squares in the appropriate quadrants they will achieve the perfect score: 30 points!

Playable in a flash, this is a great game to take with you when gathering with your friends or hanging out at the pub!

Roll it! Place it! Score It!

    For more information, please refer to the BGG listing.

    Part of the Game Boy Geek collection.