Power Grid: Recharged Upgrade Deck

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A complete deck of updated power plant cards that will bring older versions of Power Grid in line with the new "Recharged" version, published in 2019.

For its 15th anniversary, Friedemann Friese and publisher 2F-Spiele's Henning Kröpke decided to take Power Grid "back into the workshop". Says Kröpke, "We put the game through its paces, updated and exchanged parts, polished and rewrote the rules, until we were sure we were offering you the best possible version of Power Grid." This updated version is called "Power Grid Recharged" and is available from 2F Spiele in Germany and Rio Grande Games in the US. You can read the full article about this updated version HERE.

For those of you with earlier versions of the game who wish to upgrade to the Recharged version, you can achieve the majority of the changes found in the Recharged version by buying this updated Power Plant deck and the updated Recharged rule book.

** This posting is for the Recharged Power Plant deck ONLY **

Deck contains:

  • 42 Power Plant cards
  • 1 Step 3 card
  • 5 Refill Summary cards (one for each amount of players)
  • 6 Payment Summary cards (one for each player)