Okanagan: The Volcano & The Beaver Dam

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Two promos tiles for Okanagan: Valley of the Lakes.

The Volcano and the Beaver Dam are two Special territory tiles with the following rules:

  • Their sides can be connected to any type of territory.
  • The side of a territory tile is considered as closed when it is adjacent to the Volcano tile or the Beaver Dam tile.
  • When a player plays the Volcano or the Beaver Dam tile, instead of building a structure on it, the player must discard one of his available structures from his inventory

The volcano:
When a player plays the Volcano, he immediately chooses a special action from one of the 3 special action tiles available, applies its effect, and places it under its stack.

The Beaver Dam:
When a player plays the Beaver Dam, he immediately receives one reward token of his choice.

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