Noah: The Promo Cards

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Asmodee and Bombyx are pleased to provide you with five special promo cards to play with Noah! The following special rules will help you incorporate them into your game play:

THE FROG: if you choose to play the frogs, you must remove the snails from your game. When added to the ferry, a frog can take a value of 1 to 5 based on the player’s choice. The only condition is that this move allows for a ferry to leave. Otherwise, the value is 1.

CROCODILE: If you choose to play the crocodile , you must remove from your game the donkeys.

Crocodile Tears: The player who plays a crocodile must move back two squares on the scoring track. It is not possible to have a negative score.

The crocodile’s teeth: When the crocodile is added to the ferry, the crocodile frightens another animal. Thus, the first animal to be placed on the ferry flees... Choose an opponent who must add it to their hand. It is only then that the weight limit in the ark is verified.

ROOMATES ON THE ARK: in the Ark, it is impossible to place twice the same animal, whether male or female.

For more information:

Due to the way the promos were produced and packaged, this promo also includes a set of Zombie cards for Get Bit! However, they aren't really playable unless you also have the zombie figure, which is not included.