Nightfall: Zombie Horde

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Since the Nightfall, the vampires, werewolves, and humans have mostly had to only contend with one another, the mindless undead being little more than an occasional nuisance. But much like an itch that won't go away, the ghouls continue to appear, and in greater numbers. The problem is only multiplied by some vampires who have shown an ability to raise up more ghouls as servants.

Zombie Horde not only brings new color chaining combinations to Nightfall; it introduces a minion with incredible potential to wreak havoc on your opponents. With Strength limited only by what you can keep in play, the Zombie Horde could be a deadly challenge for opponents.

The pack comes pre-wrapped with:

  • 1 Zombie Horde draft card
  • 7 Zombie Horde cards

This set of 8 cards is new and in shrink.  Rules for play are not included but can be found at BoardGameGeek.

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