Neuroshima HEX! 3.0: Promo Tiles Set 1

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This promo set includes 5 extra tiles to use during your Neuroshima HEX! 3.0 games! The tiles include:

  • Mad Bomber II

Mad Bomber is a mutated nomad-terrorist prowling on the wilds of California. Wherever he apperas and there is anything worth to be blown up, you can be sure that you will hear an explosion shortly. You will also see the rapidly regenerating body of this madman being rejected in tens of meters because he likes to stay in the explosion area till the end. The funniest situation occurs when this creature festooned with bombs accidentaly apperas near an ongoing struggle - then fighters should better think about who's the number one enemy there.

  • Field Generator

The ruins are full of turrets packed with peculiar devices. There are the remnants of an old, top secret military base where research on electromagnetic and sound weapons was conducted. In former times, the turrets formed a single great network, able to take control of the battlefield. Today, only a few systems remain operational, and almost all of them are without elecrticity, anyway.

  • Night Hunter

The perfect predator. Emerges, kills ans disappears into the shadows. Avoids light. No one knows what it really is. No one knows what it looks like. No one can confront it.

  • Assassin

Obeys no rules. Allies himself with no one. Walks his own path. Pray not to get near his axe.

  • Transport Base

Lots of abandoned vehicles and tanks full of fuel leave nothing else to be desired.

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