Kemet: Skills and Black Power Tile For Ta-Seti

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Three new skills to play with the path to Ta-Seti and a new black power tile originally distributed as promo items during Essen 2015.

Contains the follwing gaming material:

1 black power tile:

  • Piety: awards one additional permanent VP if you control at least 2 temples at the beginning of the night phase

3 new skills available on the path to Ta-Seti:

  • Immunity: ignore any damage outside of combat
  • Neith Shields: +1 protection during battle
  • Offering: after battle, gain 1 prayer point per opposing unit destroyed in this battle

Note: "Kemet: Ta-Seti" expansion is required in order to use these new power tile and skills.

For more information, visit the BGG listing.