Imhotep: The Private Ships Mini Expansion


Contained in Brettspiel Adventskalender 2016 for Day 12

Contains 4 ship tokens

Setup: Each player takes a private ship token in their color

Once per game, a player may take 1 stone from their supply sled token and place it on their private ship and sail the ship to a site board immediately (all this is 1 action)

You may sail your private ship to a site board even if there is already a normal ship at that site board.
Only 1 normal ship and 1 private ship may sail to the same site board in a round. A normal ship may sail to the same site board even if the private ship sailed there first.

At the end of the round, used private ship tokens are returned to the game box.

Special market rule:
If a private ship sails to the market board before a normal boat, the now empty card space on the market board is immediately replenished with a new market card from the draw pile.

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