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  • Bruno Cathala, acclaimed board-game designer, has created numerous hit games, including 7 Wonders Duel, Cyclades and Abyss.
  • Florian Sirieix, the up-and-coming designer brings a fresh approach to expert level games.

Felideus Bubastis has won several awards for his Imaginarium artwork, most notably first prize for «Great Illustrator Prize» at the French game convention Festival Finist'Aire de Jeux.


Through the mist, you catch sight of a giant form off in the distance. You make your way to this magnificent structure, step through the grand entrance and discover an expanse of fantastical machines. These machines hold the very essence of dreams and as the machinist, you stand at the helm of an incredible mix of technology and fantasy. Are you ready to turn dreams into reality?

In Imaginarium, you will repair, combine and dismantle amazing machines in order to amass currency and collect building materials. Manage these resources, combine actions and use your workspace wisely in order to turn the most bewildering dreams into reality.


  • A strategy, combination and development game for experimented players.
  • Beautifully-crafted miniatures that bring your characters to life
  • Surprising and daring illustrations within a steampunk atmosphere.

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