Hedgehog's Love Letter

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 ハリネズミくんのラブレター (Harinezumi no Rabu Reta-) in English is 'Hedgehog's Love Letter' ('Rabu Reta-' is the imported English 'love letter'). Note: the game is not published in English, so only the JP title is being used.

Hedgehogs Makoto and Yurayura have both fallen in love with Princess Harine. Now they are rivals in love as they vie for the Princess’s affection. Each hedgehog plans his itinerary for the day in order to collect as many hearts as possible — either by sending a love letter to the Princess or, oppositely, throwing poop at his rival hedgehog. The hedgehog with the most hearts at the end wins the Princess’s heart.

This 2 player game consists of plotting action cards. When all actions cards have been plotted, they will be carried out in the specific order of how they were plotted. However, your rival’s cards are also included amongst the cards you can plot. Try to collect as many heart tokens as you can with your actions, but if you collect three poop tokens, you will lose instantly.

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