Ground Floor: Overfunding Achievements

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These Overfunding Achievements are mini-expansion modules for the base game Ground Floor. They were originally given out as Kickstarter bonuses for Ground Floor's 2012 Kickstarter campaign.


  • 2 Floor Cost Rulers (to easily see the cost of a new Floor Improvement tile)
  • 2 Specialty tiles ("Inheritance" and "Social Media")
  • 1 Floor Improvement tile ("Skyline Achievement")
  • 2 Tenant Improvement tiles ("Niche Market")
  • 2 Economic Forecast cards ("Windfall" and "Great Depression")
  • 1 Architect's Office tile (expands the main board with a new business area)
  • 5 Economic Scenario cards
  • 7 Event Deck cards

Expansion Modules:
Module 1: New Tiles (Uses new Specialty tiles, new Floor Improvement tile, and new Tenant Improvement (T.I.) tiles)
The new tiles are simply added to their counterparts in the base game.

Module 2: Economic Scenario Cards and New Economic Forecast Cards (Uses Economic Scenario cards and new Economic Forecast cards)
One Economic Scenario card is drawn at random. The chosen Scenario will direct the construction of the Economic Forecast deck for the game. The new Economic Forecast cards are added as "Depression" ("Great Depression") and as "Boom" ("Windfall") to their respective decks before constructing the Economic Forecast deck.

Module 3: Event Deck
(Uses Event Deck cards) Before the game draw one Event Card at random. This card will affect one board area for the duration of the game.

Module 4: Architect's Office
(Uses Architect's Office tile) The tile adds a new area on the main board for the players to visit.

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