Glory to Rome: Republic Conversion

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The Republic Expansion for Glory to Rome has been in the making for many years (since around 2007). With the newest printing of the Glory to Rome Black Box, it has finally become an official variant/expansion. The Republic Expansion cards are included with the Black Box edition, but this card set was also made available for those that own older editions of the game.

Playing with the Republic rules, players will find the game a bit more forgiving (especially to new players), and more balanced in regards to the Craftsman/Architect roles.

The Republic Expansion includes:
- May use card to lead or follow Architect
- Replaces the Circus

Forum Romanum
- Win the game by having one client of each type, and one material of each type in the stockpile
- Replaces the Forum

Domus Aurea
- In Addition, When preforming Legionary role may tear down matching incomplete building with no materials. Place foundation in your stockpile and site in your influence.
- Replaces the Coliseum

- After performing Thinker, you may draw one Jack.

Players may also Petition with two cards of the same role instead of three. This set also includes 6 Merchant Bonus Cards for Wood, Stone, Marble, Rubble, Brick, Concrete.

One note on compatability: The expansion cards created with the original artwork are 63 mm x 88 mm. The 2007 printing of GtR I.V had cards that were 64.5 mm x 89.5 mm. If you sleeve your cards or have a later printing (which is the most common edition of I.V), then the promo cards will work fine. If not, you will find that the size of the cards is slightly mismatched. 

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