GeekUp Bit Set: Yellow & Yangtze

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If you are using tiles to build a civilization, why not make those tiles a piece of art? Enhance your tile-based territory with this GeekUp set for Yellow & Yangtze.

This unique set is new territory for BGG's GeekUp line, as each piece is a combination of 3mm of plastic on the top fused to 4mm of bamboo on the bottom. Similar to high quality Mahjong set, these double-layer tiles are substantially weighty and tall, and are sure to add thematic presence to your game.

Note --> Because this is a new production process, we've had some reports of uneven edges and inconsistent images. We want to deliver the highest quality product to you, so we will be mailing out TWO sets (for the price of one) so customers can put together the best pieces possible.

This GeekUp set includes all 138 tiles (32mm wide hexagons) with the original artwork from the game and comes in its own cardboard "pizza" box (which fits inside the game box):

  • 42 black tiles
  • 36 red tiles
  • 24 green
  • 24 blue
  • 12 yellow