Fluxx: BGG Expansion

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Straight from the loony minds over at Looney Labs, we're proud to announce a new exclusive BoardGameGeek promo for Looney Lab's hit creation, Fluxx!


This promo is an 8 card deck full of fun additions! Now, win the game by creating BoardGameGeek (using the new “The Geek” and “Board Game” keepers, combined with the new "BoardGameGeek.com" goal of course). Shake up the game by playing the new “Roshambo Showdown” action! Or, use your BoardGameGeek membership to your advantage with the new “Geek Bonus” rule.


This promo can be combined with any of the various Fluxx base games, allowing you to add a BoardGameGeek flair to any game of Fluxx.


For more information: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/92206/fluxx-boardgamegeek-expansion