Feudum: Queen's Army Stretch Goal Assortment

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Contains Behemoth's Grave, 6 score track counters, Her Majesty's Metal Playing Disc, all stretch goal items from the Kickstarters campaign for Feudum: Queen's Army in July 2017.

Behemoth's Grave - foreshadows the possible demise of a creature who was once the king. If you fail to save him, solemnly add this piece to the board to unearth his final resting place.  Then, with heavy heart, gently lower him into the ground.

6 score track counters - These handsome Score Track Counters will remind you just how soundly you have defeated the Queen, or vice versa.

Her Majesty's Metal Playing DiscForged in fire, this exquisite metal artifact is fit for a Queen! Her Majesty’s Player Disc will sparkle its way around the scoring track, adding a new level of gravity to your game.