Famous Forehand - The World's Smallest Tennis Game

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"The hollow sound as the ball strikes the court, the exhilaration as you draw your racquet back, the roar of the crowd as you deliver that forehand smash you’ve been training for for your entire life... Do you have what it takes to be a famous tennis player? Find out today with Famous Forehand - The World's Smallest Tennis Game!"

Famous Forehand is a fun, fast-playing simulation of the sport of tennis. The game focuses on positional play, with each player receiving four randomly dealt cards prior to every serve. Each card depicts two key positions that you’re able reach on your half of the course and the paths along which you’ll be returning the ball. A penny tracks the position of the the tennis ball throughout the rally. The first player who’s unable to return the ball loses the point. Famous Forehand is Game #2 in the Famous Games line and the most accessible of the game designs.

For more information: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/124758/famous-forehand-worlds-smallest-tennis-game