Famous Fairways - The World's Smallest Golf Game

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"The whisper of your club as it brushes the grass, the impossible arc as your ball sails through the crisp morning air, the perfect spin as it lands on the green and rolls toward the cup... Do you have what it takes to be a famous golfer? Find out today with Famous Fairways - The World's Smallest Golf Game!"

Famous Fairways is a fun, fast-playing take on the sport of golf. The game pits two golfers against each other but also against the course itself. The path to each hole is dotted with hazards and the golfers must choose their clubs carefully to avoid them. Each club can only be used once per hole, however, so players must weigh the value of the perfect shot against the shot that best limits the options of their opponent. Famous Fairways is Game #5 in Famous Game Company’s line of World’s Smallest Sports Games and serves as the perfect rematch on the 19th hole.

For more information: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/124761/famous-fairways-worlds-smallest-golf-game