Dungeon Petz: Bonus Pets

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Two more Petz for Dungeon Petz.

  • Yummy (German: Mampfi): Easy to care for, only wants to eat and eat and eat and for change: eat. Either eats meat or vegetables, depending on the turn. has rainbow coloured requirements, the owner must choose a colour a playing a card facedown before drawing cards, the face down card can not be used during this round.
  • Skelly (German: Knochi): Not an original pet, but a deceased imp. His kin decided to keep him. Comes with a potion from the hospital. As a skeleton, he will not and cannot eat. Every food requirement you play on him just makes him depressed. Because he won't sleep either, when using a potion on him you can choose a base requirement that will apply during exhibitions and selling.

Plastic dial centers NOT included.  There should be extras from the base game. 

For more information: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/126247/dungeon-petz-bonus-pets