Cinderella Magic

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Cinderella must find things in the house. Her Fairy Godmother needs a pumpkin, lizards, mice and a rat, and the dress. When all are found, the Fairy Godmother will cast her spell, and Cinders can go to the ball in the castle. The pumpkin will become the golden carriage, with the mice turned into horses, and the rat and lizards as coachman and footmen — and Cinderella will get her glass slippers! But she must gather all the items first before she can go to the ball!

In Cinderella Magic (シンデレラマジック), the players try to guess the played cards. On a turn, the active player plays one card either face up or face down. If it's face-up, the player plays the effect on the card; if it's face down, the card just sits there.

After playing a card either face up or face down, a player can declare that they're off to the ball! Each other player in clockwise order can choose to join them on this journey or not. Once everyone has decided, all face-down cards are revealed. If these cards collectively show at least one pumpkin, dress, rat, mouse, and lizard, then Cinderella indeed goes to the ball; everyone who thought they'd go to the ball then takes one face-down glass slipper card from that deck. If a pumpkin, dress, or rat is missing, but the Fairy Godmother is revealed, then the Fairy Godmother can replace one of those missing items. If not all items are present, then those who didn't go to the ball take a one face-down glass slipper card.

In either case, all of the item cards are shuffled, then a new round begins. Once the final glass slipper card has been claimed (with anyone else who needs to score taking an item card to represent 1 point), the game ends. You then reveal the glass slipper that has been tucked under the Prince card at the start of the game, and whoever has the matching slipper claims this card (and its points). Glass slipper cards are worth 1-3 points, and whoever has the most points wins!

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