Carson City: Teacher, Town Hall, and River Tiles

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The Teacher

When using the Teacher, you must use its yellow side during round 1-3, and the red one during round 4. When playing with the Teacher, you will be the first player to choose a character next turn, no matter when you pass this round. Cash limit: $60.

Red side (only available in the last round): During the final scoring, you get 2 victory points for each School, Prison, or Church you own, and you also get 2 victory points if you don’t own any Saloon(s). Cash limit: $60.

Note: This extra character is included in the Big Box of Carson City. This expansion is meant for owners of the base game.

Town Hall

Use this tile instead of a generic red house tile to depict the starting location of Carson City at the start of the game.

River Tiles

When playing the “Carson River” variant, instead of using the River side of the board, players can build their own custom river using these tiles during setup on the normal side of the board. Players may agree on the shape of the the river, using as many tiles as they want. But the river must start and end on the edge of the board. 

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