Carcassonne Maps: USA West

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Carcassonne Maps offers you a new possibility to play Carcassonne! Each map has unique rules that offer different objectives and priorities, all combinable with existing Carcassonne expansions.

With Carcassonne Maps: USA West, you can take a peek at future tiles or just venture straight ahead into unknown territories. This map is also combinable with the USA East map, and you can join them together for one, coast-to-coast mega map!

Rulebook is NOT included with this item! Download rules for both the USA East and West maps HERE.

The map consists of high-quality, strong, linen-embossed paper and is size A1 (23.5"x 33") and is extremely dent and rip resistantThis map will come rolled in a tube but likely will NOT need weights to help it lay flat before play.

It is recommended that you pair any Carcassonne Maps with the Map Chip set, although it is not required. Only one chip set is needed, even if playing with BOTH USA maps.

For more information, please refer to the BGG listing.