Age of Industry Expansion: Great Lakes & South Africa

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Two new expansion maps for Age of Industry: The Great Lakes & South Africa!

The Great Lakes map has been designed for 2 players and features the region around the Great Lakes in Canada and the U.S. Within the Great Lakes region, waterway plays a strategic role, carrying the iron ore and coal that are critical to the health of vital industries such as steelmaking and automotive manufacturing. The Seaway must close during the winter because of the bad conditions for navigation, so the international markets are not accessible all year round for the Great Lakes ports. Shippers must rely on rail during that season to move their goods or wait for the Seaway to reopen in spring...

The South Africa map has been designed for 3 to 5 players and takes place at the end of the 19th century when important gold and diamond deposits were discovered in the northeast part of the current South African Republic Territory. In order to develop that part of the continent, exploit mines and ensure a continuous supply of equipments, investors had to establish ports in coastal cities and develop the hinterland from there...

Designed by Claude Sirois and published with permission from Martin Wallace, you'll be sure to find new twists to Age of Industry in this map set!

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Note: The boards will not ship with the rules, as printing the rules and having to shrinkwrap each set with the rules included would have increased the cost of producing these, and as a result, the final price to you.  You can find and print the rules to these boards in the file section of the BGG listing!