Age of Industry Expansion: Belgium & USSR

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Two new expansion maps for Age of Industry: Belgium & USSR!

The Belgium map has been designed for 2 players and features one of the first country to be industrialized on the European continent. Belgium featured important textile production in Flanders, iron processing in Walloon as well as large coal reserve in the south and east of the country. Given its smaller domestic market, the Belgian Government was interested to increase the efficiency of transportation and to link Germany and France, so it participated in the development of a public rail network...

The USSR map has been designed for 3 to 5 players and features the Donbass Coal Basin, which covers part of former Ukrainian and Russian Soviet Federation Republics, during Stalin's First Five-Year Plan. This plan, which was implemented in the context of a planned economy, was conducted to increase production of goods and boost the development of heavy industry...

Designed by Claude Sirois and published with permission from Martin Wallace, you'll be sure to find new twists to Age of Industry in this map set!

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Note: The boards will not ship with the rules, as printing the rules and having to shrinkwrap each set with the rules included would have increased the cost of producing these, and as a result, the final price to you.  You can find and print the rules to these boards in the file section of the BGG listing!