A Handful of Stars - PREORDER

Sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock.

Preorders are now closed! The games are currently en route to the US, and some fix cards for misprinted cards are being sent to us as well. When the everything arrives, which looks to be late June, we will process out the preorders, after which, there will likely be a couple dozen copies remaining, which we will put up for sale at that time.

A Handful of Stars is the final title published by Treefrog Games and the third entry into the unofficial "A Few Acres of Snow Trilogy." The first game was the two-player A Few Acres of Snow, whose main mechanisms were then reimplemented in the multiplayer Mythotopia, and now A Handful of Stars reimplements the mechanisms from Mythotopia and takes them to the vast reaches of space...

Find more info at the official Treefrog Games page or the BGG listing.

Expected ship date: July 2017