Order Placement

Is there a minimum purchase?  All orders in the BGG Store MUST have a minimum purchase amount of $4.00 USD before checking out.  We reserve the right to cancel any order that does not comply.

Is there a maximum purchase?  Generally, orders will be allowed to have a maximum quantity of 5 of any particular item.  Dominion promos (with the exception of the Blank cards) are limited to a quantity of 1 per order per instruction from the publisher.  We reserve the right to cancel any order that does not comply.

I just placed 2 orders but want them combined to reduce shipping fees. How do I do that? Please contact store@boardgamegeek.com to place the request to combine your orders for shipment. Depending on the weight of the order, we hope to be able to refund a portion of the shipping fees for combining the orders. We will not combine orders for shipment unless requested. Special NOTE for International Customers – combining orders is not recommended. We do not collect customs fees and strongly recommend International customers place multiple smaller orders to avoid or reduce customs fee valuation.

I placed an order (in whole or in part) by accident – How do I cancel it?  If you placed an entire order by mistake, please contact us (store@boardgamegeek.com), as soon as possible so we can cancel the order and process a full refund before it is processed for fulfillment and shipping.

If you purchased a product within an order by mistake, please contact us (store@boardgamegeek.com), as soon as possible so we can add a note to the order to remove the item from the order and process a refund before the order is processed.  Please note: The cancelled item may still appear on the packing list associated with the shipment confirmation e-mail due to a communication error between our store and shipping software programs. 

Can I add items to an order that I previously placed? Unfortunately, our system will not allow us to add items to orders with completed payments.  So we have two options: 1) You can place a new order with the forgotten items, (with additional postage fees). 2) We can cancel the existing order, process a full refund, and you can place a new order with all of the desired items. Please e-mail store@boardgamegeek.com to indicate how you would like to proceed. 

My shipping address in my order confirmation e-mail is different than what I entered in the store. What happened? We have discovered that if you use PayPal to make payments, sometimes PayPal will “change” the shipping address in the store to an address in your PayPal account. Please contact us as soon as possible to update the shipping address before the order fulfillment/shipping.

UPDATED: January 29, 2018