International Customs

Are customs fees included with my purchase?  No, customs fees are not collected with the purchase of your order.  Those fees are assessed by each country's postal/customs service and the buyer/receiver will be responsible for those fees.  Please check with your local postal service to determine how those fees are assessed. If you are concerned about the customs fees that may be charged to you, please consider placing multiple smaller orders, instead of one large order.

Canadian/Mexican Customers ONLY – What are brokerage fees?  If Canadian/Mexican customers choose to use the UPS Standard shipping method, there may be a brokerage fee ($4.00 USD or CAD for orders with valuation $20.01 to $200.00) in addition to the customs fee to collect your order.

Can I request customs forms show my purchase as a “gift”?  No. We, legally, cannot mark orders as “gifts”, nor will we mark orders with a reduced value for purposes of avoiding/reducing customs fees.