Why did BGG Store postage fees go up in 2018? Postage/Shipping fees from individual carriers increase every year. All of the carriers that we work with raised their rates at some point since October 2017. Normally, the changes are minimal enough that there is no significant change to our customers. However, this year's rate increases, particularly for our international shipping were significant enough to cause us to re-evaluate our shipping model, and shipping options available to our customers. We are always evaluating postage/shipping costs and how to make sure, first and foremost, that we take care of our customers well and second, watch the costs and revenues to make sure that we can still provide good service and quality products to our customers. And our shipping model from the past few years is no longer able to help us meet those goals. 

So, the new model charges actual postage fees on all products. The good news is the percentage of customers that have reliable tracking will increase. Tracking is never guaranteed, but it can be helpful. For information on Service Class, estimated delivery times, and tracking availability, please see SHIPPING.

I just placed 2 orders but want them combined to reduce shipping fees. How do I do that? Please contact store@boardgamegeek.com to place the request to combine your orders for shipment. Depending on the weight of the order, we hope to be able to refund a portion of the shipping fees for combining the orders. We will not combine orders for shipment unless requested. Special NOTE for International Customers – combining orders is not recommended. We do not collect customs fees and strongly recommend International customers place multiple smaller orders to avoid or reduce customs fee valuation.

International customers ONLY – I just received notice that I am being charged customs fees, what do I do? International customers are responsible for all customs/brokerage fees associated with the delivery of their order. We do not collect that fee with your order. Please note that it is illegal for the BGG Store to record the items in the order as a “gift”. It is also illegal to claim the value of the order as less than what was paid. Please take this into consideration when purchasing items for yourself or to be sent to friends.

Canadian customers ONLY - What are brokerage fees? If Canadian customers choose to use the UPS Standard shipping method, there may be a brokerage fee ($4.00 USD or CAD for orders with valuation $20.01 to $200.00) in addition to the customs fee to collect your order. If you are charged more than the $4.00 brokerage fee, please contact store@boardgamegeek.com.


UPDATED: January 29, 2018