What is the difference between handling fees and shipping fees? (Subject to change) Currently, most products are small enough that we do not charge any actual postage fees and only charge a nominal handling fee to fulfill and process orders (USA - $2.00 USD per order; International - $3.00 USD per order). However, there are some items that due to weight or dimensions, we will assess actual postage fees to the order. Orders with actual postage fees do not have the handling fee assessed.

Shipping/Handling Fees are non-refundable once the order has been fulfilled and shipped.  We will not refund handling fees on request to combine multiple orders into one package.  We will not combine orders into one package unless requested.  

International customers ONLY – I just received notice that I am being charged customs fees, what do I do? International customers are responsible for all customs/brokerage fees associated with the delivery of their order. We do not collect that fee with your order.

Canadian customers ONLY - What are brokerage fees? If Canadian customers choose to use the UPS Standard shipping method, there may be a brokerage fee ($4.00 USD or CAD for orders with valuation $20.01 to $200.00) in addition to the customs fee to collect your order.