COVID-19 International Shipping delays (as of May 26, 2020)

May 26, 2020 - If your order has been delayed in the postal system for more than two months, please read the following:

I contacted my carrier representative and had a good conversation with him to see if I could get a better understanding of the situation as it relates to mail/packages going from the US to anywhere outside the US. I have a short answer and a long answer to the question “Where is my order?” and you are welcome to read either. I have also included at the bottom of the e-mail some possible solutions to help resolve this in the meantime.

SHORT ANSWER – We don't know where your order is, though we suspect it is still enroute. We can continue to be patient and hope it arrives soon, however soon, could be a week or a month. Other possible options are listed under “SOLUTIONS” below.

LONG ANSWER – International orders sent from my location to anywhere in the world begin their journey overseas by going to a processing center near the Chicago area. At that processing center, international orders are sorted by country and then put on commercial flights destined for the customer's country, after which the local postal service continues the sorting to the various districts/provinces/cities, and then handles final delivery. However, with the COVID-19 outbreak, international flights have been significantly reduced, such that there is not enough space on the remaining flights to get the mail out of the processing center and sent to the destination country. This means lots of mail has been stored for weeks until some form of transportation has been made available.

Recognizing the issue, the US Postal Service has contracted at least 3 ocean freighters within the last month to transport mail overseas and has chartered air transportation, if available, and has also begun diversion of some mail from the Chicago facility to other processing facilities in the US that are not seeing as much of a backlog or have easier access to other transportation options.

In all of this process, the carrier representative told me that USPS is aware that tracking records have not been updated and he indicated that the next possible tracking record might be with the local postal service in the destination country, maybe.

There is currently no indication of when international transportation will resume at a capacity acceptable for mail from the US to any international destination, though all carriers are working towards an effective solution.

Until then, your order needs some resolution. Please review the solutions below and let me know how you would like to proceed.


1) We can continue to wait and monitor this for another month (end of June).
2) I am happy to arrange for your order to be resent (if stock is still available), however, I cannot give you a good estimate for delivery. This may result in two packages being delivered to you. If that is the case, I respectfully request that you write “REFUSED – Return to Sender” on one of the packages and give it back to the postal service and it will be returned to me at no charge to you.
3) I can process a full refund for your order. It is entirely possible that the original order arrives after the refund has been processed. If that happens, please let me know the order arrived and I can arrange an invoice for payment so that you may keep the order or you may write “REFUSED – Return to Sender” on the package and give it back to the postal service and it will be returned to me at no charge to you.