BGG Store Account

Do I have to have an account to place a purchase? Registering for a BGG Store account is optional. You may place an order as a guest.

What are the benefits of a registered account? Having an account allows you to track your order history and save shipping and billing information for future order purchases.

My e-mail address has changed, how do I update the e-mail address for my account? E-mail  Since your e-mail address is directly tied to your login information, we need to change the e-mail address from our backend.

How do I change my password for my account? Type your e-mail address at the login screen and then click the forgot “Forgot Password” link and follow the instructions to update your password.

How do I create an account after I've placed previous orders as a “guest”?  E-mail and we will send you a link to create an account.

Does my user ID link with my BGG Store account? No. and the BGG Store are completely separate systems and are not automatically linked. If you choose to have a BGG Store account, then you will need to create it separately from your BoardGameGeek account.

UPDATED: February 18, 2022