Virtual Gaming Con 2020 Merch

Virtual Gaming Con (VGC) is a joint event between BoardGameGeek and The Dice Tower, from June 24th-28th, 2020, and this is your place to buy VGC merch! Check out our exclusive VGC t-shirt and other perks from both BGG and The Dice Tower. Any products featured on this page will equally benefit both BoardGameGeek and The Dice Tower.

VGC t-shirts will be printed after the event. Any order containing a VGC t-shirt will be held until t-shirts arrive in our warehouse (estimated late July)

Please note: If you are getting free perks or a t-shirt as a gift from buying a VGC badge, you do NOT need to purchase those items here! If you are getting perks, please fill out the Google Form in your registration email to indicate your preferences and mailing address.