Suburbia: Con Tiles

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Add the five most important gaming conventions in the world to your city with Suburbia: Con Tiles. These tiles are fully compatible with the Suburbia base game, while also including stars to work with the Suburbia 5★ expansion. This expansion includes tiles for:

  • Kublacon (San Francisco, CA, Memorial Day weekend)
  • Dice Tower Con (Orlando, FL, June)
  • Gen Con (Indianapolis, IN, Late July/Early August)
  • Essen Spiel (Essen, Germany, October)
  • BGG.CON (Dallas, TX, November)

These tiles can be obtained individually at Kublacon, Gen Con, Spiel, and BGG.CON at the Bezier Games booth or as a preorder set through Bezier Games. Additional sets of these tiles may be available for purchase following the 2015 conventions.

For more information, visit the BGG listing.