Flyin' Goblin: Hop Goblins Promo

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A new piece, bounding from room to room, hopping ever closer to victory! This promo piece for Flyin’ Goblin changes a few rules in the base game, as described below.

Game set up:
During step 5 of set up, replace the Soldier Goblin in the space "4" with the Hop Goblin. Leave the replaced Soldier Goblin in the box. It won’t be used for this game

2. Looting:
Soldier retrieval step: before retrieving your Hop Goblin from a Room in the Castle, you can move it to an adjacent Room before applying any other effects. You can’t move it diagonally or into the Tower.Then retrieve your pieces in whatever order you choose.
4. Recruitment:
When you recruit a Soldier Goblin, you still have to start with the one with the lowest cost among those available. This means that your Hop Goblin can only be bought second, not first.