Coinsides - One coin to replace many dice!

Coinsides - One coin to replace many dice!

EX1ST GAMES, a small independent publisher from Japan, is announcing a luxury gaming accessory called COINSIDES. This 2” (50mm) metal coin features a plethora of DICE and more. COINSIDES is of interest to fans of TTRPGs, CCGs, BOARD GAMES, and COSPLAY. Machined with great detail and finished by hand, has a high quality feel and weight, and is multi-functional and beautifully designed.

COINSIDES is solid metal, measuring 2" diameter, and with stunning blue/black enamel highlights on one side and red/black enamel highlights on the other. This listing includes a single COINSIDES, drawstring storage bag, and metal pointer accessory.

SPIN, STOP, and LOOK - Coinsides is designed to spin freely on either side, and then the user stops the spin with their finger. Whatever number they read next to their finger is equivalent to a die roll, ranging from D4 through D20. COINSIDES is also able to:

  • Replace a single die roll of any die between a D4 and D20
  • Serve as a stat tracker or life counter up to a count of 50 using the included pointer accessory
  • Choose a direction or target
  • Calculate an attack range arc (protractor)
  • Use as a compass for drawing circles
  • A fidget spinner
  • A first player token
  • Serve as a analog timer (a typical spin lasts for 1-2 minutes)
  • Wear as a medallion or necklace!

To see the CoinSides in action (posted with permission from EX1ST Games):

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