Vanquish Sky

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A 2 player card game that simulates a martial arts duel, or perhaps a typical fighting game.

Each player has a hand of Power, Speed and Technique cards (battle cards) that has a rock-paper-scissors relationship. Each player also has 18 special "moves" cards in a shuffled deck, with a few lined face up. Each turn, a player plays one of his battle cards, and the turn winner (of the rock-paper-scissors) does 1 damage. The battle cards stay turn after turn, building up a line. After winning a turn, a player can use one of his face up moves if the requirements for that move corresponds with what he has in his battle card line, to release combos, dealing more damage. Each move also has a special effect that triggers when released.

For each damage a player gets, he reveals the top card of his moves deck. So, for each damage, the player gets access to more moves.

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