Take the "A" Chord

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Aコードで行こう (Take The "A" Chord) is a trick-taking card game from Japan, with a theme of Jazz. Players become jazz musicians, and will compete in the strength of the chord. Modulation, whereby the strength of the chord changes, is the key to taking the initiative in this game. Players score by winning the correct number of tricks, so don't win too much!

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Please note - This is an UPDATED version of the original game from 2015. From the publisher: "Everything is bigger than the 2015 version and comes in a bigger square box. The board has been enlarged and has swappable parts for different player counts. It’s noticeably easier to play thanks to 20 new tokens added to keep track of things like how many tricks you’ve won. The cards are also larger and boast a new linen finish. The number of players has been widened to 2-4 players (The rules for 3-players has been updated, and rules for 2 players has been added). The 4 player game is basically unchanged."