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The partnership between BGG and Spielworkxx continues with a PREORDER for their latest title Auf der Walz. This title will be an extremely limited print run. 

Please note --> this is a PREORDER with an expected delivery in August 2019. Any other items ordered with this game will be held until copies of Auf der Walz are ready to ship.


Auf der Walz is a game that has the "journeyman years" as the topic. This is a tradition that dates back to medieval times and is still alive in German-speaking countries.

A craftsman has to be "Auf der Walz" (very roughly translated as "on the road")for 3 years and 1 day without ever getting closer than 50 kilometers to home.

The game takes place in the second half of the 19th century.

The young journeyman wears a traditional dress:
flared pants, waistcoat, jacket, black hat (as symbol for freedom), the "Stenz" (traditional curled hiking pole), and the "Charlottenburger" (coarse cloth to wrap up the belongings).

They work (for a little bit of money but also for board and lodge)for people on their journey.

Auf der Walz is a "travel game" with resource management. Like life on the Walz, it includes uncertainty and random elements.

Each player earns points at the end of each year on the journey and in an end-scoring after that additional one day.

The engine of the game is a deck of cards. Each player has six cards per year (and an additional card for the last day)and conducts actions with them: travelling, working, also leisure (music, writing, painting), finding travel mates etc.


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