"Rattlebones" Prototyping Dice

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If you've ever played the game Rattlebones (by Rio Grande Games), you'd know that it's a really neat game with one super duper cool feature: dice with removable and interchangeable faces!

We thought this would be a great product to bring to game designers; a set of dice that could suit all of your game design needs, allowing you to change your dice during testing on the fly, or reconfigure dice from prototype to prototype.

In addition to being able to swap the various colored sides out, the faces can be written on with wet-erase markers or crayons, and then wiped clean, allowing you to use any numbers or iconography you need, for however long you need them.

The dice are 22 mm, and the removable faces have a 15 mm diameter. Each set of "Rattlebones" Prototyping Dice includes:

  • Three dice, one each in white, grey, and black.
  • 27 removable faces, three each in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink/purple, white, grey, and black.
  • One "popper", to help those without fingernails remove the faces from the dice!