Holiday Season Shipping and new Phone Numbers requirement

Shipping volumes are high right now and will only get higher as we get closer to the holidays.  Please be aware of possible delays due to the high volume and due to lack of staffing, due to coronavirus, to process the high volume.  

*Domestic USA orders should add a few days to First Class Mail and an extra day or two to Priority Mail service classes.  
*International orders should allow an extra 2-3 weeks or more depending upon the postal service availability.
*To assist with better communication with the postal services, we are now requiring phone numbers as part of the shipping address.  This specifically helps international carriers contact customers regarding potential customs fees due.  But this can be helpful for carriers and customers alike to be able to track orders.
*Please be aware of any postal service discontinuance.  If you are not able to place an order in the BGG Store, we are not able to ship to you.  We will try to keep the list updated weekly.

You are all amazing customers and we definitely appreciate your patience as we work to be careful and serve you.