BGG Store to reopen on May 1st - please read for details!

In light of Texas lifting some of the stay-at-home restrictions starting May 1st, we are making plans for how to safely re-open the BGG Store. To maintain the protection and care of both our employees and customers, please read these details on our reopening procedures, as well as some updates on specific products.


We plan to open the website on May 1st for online orders.  We will start fulfilling orders on May 5th.


  • International shipping has been significantly affected, either with delays or inability of various countries to accept mail from the US. With this situation in mind, we have restricted shipping to countries that are accepting mail from the US. We will not be shipping to Africa, Central America, various countries in Asia/Middle East, and South America (we will ship to Brazil). If you get an error in getting a shipping rate when placing an order, then we are unable to ship to you at this time.
  • International (outside US) shipping times are estimating at least two weeks slower than average, though that should improve with time.
  • Domestic (US) shipping times are also moving slower, so please anticipate a week for your BGG Store products to arrive, even if your shipping is Priority 2-Day.

Safety Protocols at Our Location:

  • There are no more than 4 employees in the 10,000 sq ft building at any time.
  • Employees wear masks and follow standard social distancing guidelines at all times in the building.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are strategically placed throughout the facility.
  • Employees regularly sanitize high-contact touch points such as door handles, bathroom sinks, computer keyboard and mouse, etc.
  • The general public is not allowed into the building.
  • Deliveries in and out of the building are arranged without direct contact with the delivery person.

Employee Wellness Checks

  • Employees will check their temperature at the start of each day with an infrared thermometer. Any employee exhibiting symptoms or with a temperature of 100-degrees or higher will immediately return home and contact their medical provider.
  • If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, we will close the BGG Store for at least two weeks and all employees will self-quarantine during that time

Updates on Specific Products

We are focused on getting the store open again and running with additional safety protocols in place for the first half of May. We will post a May store update in the second half of May and we will release some new products then, but we can share some details on upcoming products now, especially preorders and GeekUp sets.

BGG Artist Series 4 Prints Preorder

Since our pre-order window got cut short, we will open up a new pre-order window from May 1st-15th. If you are an international customer and are unable to place a pre-order for the art prints, please e-mail (see notes on shipping above). Please remember that we will continue to open ALL art prints in all sizes in future BGG Artist Series, so customers can purchase Series 4 (or any other previous series) at a later date as well.

Game Trayz X-Trayz Preorders

Production of X-Trayz is complete and will start moving towards the US next week! We appreciate everyone’s patience and kindness during this preorder and are happy that the trayz are on their way!  We anticipate they should arrive in our warehouse in late June / early July and we will start fulfilling pre-orders immediately. Thereafter, all colors and styles will be available for purchase in the BGG Store at the same price as the pre-order.

Spielworxx’s Grand Trunk Journey Preorder

We expect Grand Trunk Journey to arrive in our warehouse during the second half of May, and ship out shortly thereafter. Copies will be available for sale in the BGG Store as well if you missed the preorder.

GeekUp sets:

A large batch of GeekUp sets is also complete, and will start moving towards the US within a week. That shipment includes:

  • Trajan
  • Twilight Struggle
  • Teotihuacan Cacao bits
  • Newton
  • Imperial Settlers
  • Mystic Vale expansion bits

Shipping timetables are fairly unknown right now, so we might not see those bits arrive until early July, but they are coming! The following sets are currently in production right now:

  • Base Quacks
  • Quacks expansion
  • Wingspan
  • Race for the Galaxy