BGG Store CLOSED, starting at Monday 03/23/2020 until 04/30/2020 (updated 04/06/2020)

To all current and future BGG store customers:

Starting Monday, March 23rd at midnight, Dallas County will enforce a “stay-at-home” procedure for public health safety in response to COVID-19. This protocol requires all non-essential businesses in Dallas County to cease conducting business immediately, even if they are not open to the public.  Here’s the plan for the BGG store:

  • You can place orders now until Monday, March 23rd at 11 am CDT (-5 hours off UTC).
  • At 11 am, the store will briefly go offline for less than an hour
  • After that point, the store will be viewable, but no customers will be allowed to place orders.
  • Our staff will take the rest of Monday to prepare and ship out any active orders received before Monday at 11 am CDT. We will do our absolute best to get everything out the door. However, if we get a big rush of orders between now and Monday at 11 am, we can’t guarantee that we can finish in time and will fulfill shipments in the order they were received. 
  • We plan to re-open when the ban lifts.  However, it is possible that protocol might be extended past April 3rd, in which case we will have to follow the mandate of Dallas County and reopen when possible. 

Please feel free to email if you have any questions and hang in there!

UPDATE (04/06/2020)

We apologize for the delay in updating the public regarding the BGG Store closure, as there was some confusion on the dates reported by Dallas County. While the emergency declaration extends through May 20th, the stay-at-home order is extended through April 30th. Therefore, the BGG Store will also remain closed until April 30th. 

That date is dependent on any future changes or extensions to the stay-at-home order, but for now, we are planning on resuming orders for May 1st. Please contact if you have any questions.